Ceramic industries

Slabs and large sizes

We designed an innovative solution for managing the end of line handling of the largest ceramic slabs. We invested great energy in a project that took into account needs related by many industry leaders, and we came up with a custom designed machine that can be inserted in sort and packaging integrated systems. Our design is an avant-garde solution for the ceramic industry, both in terms of logistics and as an approach to Industry 4.0.


Our Picking machinery literally “pick” slabs and ceramic products, so they can both handle and store slabs. We conceived this type of robots in the mainframe of storage management 4.0, so they can maximize operations and timeframes, and they handle both metallic containers and wood crates, as well as vertical pallets (racks). Our Picking islands can be employed to handle and ship the largest ceramic slabs perfectly safely since all instructions are conveyed directly by the Sales Department to the robotic island.


Discharging slabs from benches to crates and back

Robotic technology within an Industry 4.0 mainframe provides highly innovative and efficient solutions. By employing it we were able to design a number of robotic islands for large slabs handling. Our discharging islands (from benches to crates and back) are particularly effective as they allow our clients to package semi-finished slabs in wooden crates and metallic containers at kiln exit. All containers can be immediately stored in the areas outside of plants, thus freeing productive space within production departments. Our racking islands can empty crates at a later stage and they can place slabs on automated lines for final finishing and packaging according to the Sales process.

Slab stacking gateway

Our gateway machines for slab stacking have been conceived to pick slabs and automatically stacking them on pallets. The manufacturing process is safely guaranteed by the powerful structure of our machinery and by the highly precise managing technology that operates it.

Robot palletizing at kiln exit

Large slabs handling and palletizing is a crucial step in the entire manufacturing process. Both operations can be automated by using our assembly lines and our robotic systems, thus ensuring precision and accuracy at all times.

Packaging lines

Our packaging lines feature a robot picking up packaged materials and wrapping them up for storage or shipment.

Drum mills

Continuous and discontinuous drum mills allow wet grinding of ceramic frits, for the production of glaze and tiles.



Our atomizers are employed in many atomized powders production plants. Our advanced control systems allow operators to define both particle size and moisture level with the utmost precision.

atomizzatore-1 atomizzatore-2

Dosing systems

Our dosing systems have been conceived to automate the management of different products at the same time. We custom design dosing systems for every client in order to provide perfect integration with their color manufacturing cycles.

dosaggio-1 dosaggio-2

Isostatic machine control

Our control systems keep hydraulic pressure even within isostatic molds for ceramic presses, to the point of enforcing safety blocking if any malfunctioning or breakage should happen.

Collecting machines

Our collective machines are especially useful and versatile as they can collect tiles from any kind of press, and they can prepare them for the drying phase.


Loading/unloading lines for dryers, kilns and large kilns

We not only manufacture standard controllers for horizontal, 3-layer dryers, we also designed an innovative upgrading kit to be added to vertical dryers. Our kit ensures the electromechanical functioning of every appliance as well as automated temperature control. Our unloading lines for dryers ensure careful handling of a wide range of ceramic slabs, and they allow operators to monitor the entire manufacturing line, sending tiles to chamfering (when needed) and decoration.
Since large size slabs are increasingly employed in the ceramic industry it has become vital to employ our loading lines. Their precision, effectiveness, and reliability convey a substantial market edge. To complete our range of large slab handling we designed a full kiln unloading system, with electrical panel and control system. The kiln control electrical panel is powered by a monitoring software that guarantees full auditing of every step of the kiln working.



carico forno

scarico forno


Tile temperature continuous control

Laek Sistemi designed a system to control the temperature of every single tile as it moves through the manufacturing line. This control system can be applied both at dryer and kiln exit, the operator will input an acceptable temperature range and the system will send a visual warning if the tile temperature shifts outside of the range.


Environment control systems

The ceramic manufacturing process produces pollutant emissions that can create a dangerous working environment as well as affect the environment. We designed our “Continuous monitoring of powder emission system” to fix this issue. Our system is made of a range of boards monitoring every step of the manufacturing process.