Laek Sistemi today

Our Company provides a strict preliminary analysis of potentially problematic conditions, as well as every service required from design to installation setup, to ensure our clients can benefit from the quality and reliability that have made us a preferred vendor for so many Companies.

Lak Sistemi is universally recognized as the world leading manufacturer of advanced technology machinery for the ceramic industry and other sectors. Our Company has a lean and flexible structure employing highly skilled assets, whose experience allows us to achieve outstanding results both in fulfilling our client’s needs and in innovating our production.

Our recent production included sorting islands at kiln exit for slabs and large sizes, as well as sorting islands at lapping machine exit, and at racking machine exit, palletizing islands, discharging islands from crates to benches and back, palletizing islands at kiln exit for outsourcing finishing, etc. Thanks to the proprietary system we designed, manufactured and tested over two years ago with installations all over Italy, our “Picking” robotic islands can manage storing and shipment of ceramic slabs in metal containers, wood crates or racks. The system is entirely secured, and instructions are sent directly to the robotic islands from the Sales Department. Furthermore, our new applications enable our clients to upload on the same carrier products from different ranges, thus fulfilling a complete order for each customer.

Since 2009 we have also been designing, manufacturing and developing installations for energy production from sustainable sources, as well as for waste disposal.