Our story

Laek Sistemi was founded in 1980. Our company is a lead player in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of automation systems, both in the ceramic tile sector and elsewhere. We are actively engaged in creating technical automation systems for slab handling and large sizes, picking, discharging and palletizing; we manufacture atomizers, kilns, dry-coloring systems; we design and manufacture robotic systems for kiln and press unloading as well as ring furnaces.

Since our beginnings, we have built our Company based on two founding principles: human resources development and constant technological advancement. For over 35 years we have been designing, manufacturing, testing and exporting both automating systems and machinery for many manufacturing industries, including ceramic tiling and tableware, sanitary appliances, refractories. A recent publication publicly acknowledged our active commitment to the local community. On Fiorano Modenese Città you can read: “Michele, Antonella and Luca’s professional commitment has always been paired to their involvement in local associations and institutions. Laek Sistemi was born, and it developed on our territory, and the Company believes its development is intrinsically linked to the welfare of its community”.