Our values

At Laek Sistemi every product is regarded as a new project, a new application, a new challenge.

There are no standard features in our work, which is why we believe research to be the essential starting point of every enterprise. In-depth research allows us to provide answers tuned to actual market needs, often anticipating future developments and upcoming needs with the appropriate solution.

Specialised training is a key component of our process. We trust great importance on constantly training our personnel in the most advanced techniques, often sourcing specialized courses from local institution ECIPAR (training agency for industry association CNA). We have struck collaborations with both technical colleges and universities in our area, and we are members of the Technical and Scientific Committees at many technical colleges. We host high school students during work training courses, and we provide undergraduate engineering students with work training opportunities in preparation for their degree.

We also collaborate with LK lab to promote scientific research in new technologies and Industry 4.0 processes, and to provide specialized training to our employees.